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mercoledì, luglio 02, 2008

(SPAM 2)Physician Directory in the United States

Here is the package deal we're running for this week

Board Certified Physicians in the USA

788,336 in total * 17,125 emails

34 primary and secondary specialties

Sort by over a dozen different fields

Pharmaceutical Companies in the USA
47,000 personal emails and names of decision makers

Complete Listing of Hospitals in the United States
complete contact information for CEO's, CFO's, Directors and more - over 23,000 listings in total for more than 7,000 hospitals in the USA

American Dentists
597,000 dentists and dental services ( a $350 value!)

US Chiropractor Listing
Complete data for all chiropractors in the United States (a $250 value)

Now priced at:
$397 for all lists above

reply by email:

valid until July 05


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