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giovedì, giugno 07, 2007

conditional pioneer

Doug told Howard that they had Ronnie throwing a left hook at Greg on video. Howard said it just wasn't funny though.
Howard said you have to hear how desperate the guy is to be on TV. No Heat In Howard's Limo!
He said that Dominic doesn't have a petcock that he has to switch but Robin said he does, he just doesn't have to worry about it.
Artie said that you'd think that they'd only try that crap once before they'd break down and install the correct thing in the car. He told Ronnie that he should get his money back for the car if they won't fix it. Ronnie said that one problem is that the company doesn't build cars anymore and he doesn't have a place to bring it to anymore.
He doesn't need to be followed around like he was out there. Ralph was going off on Ronnie a little bit so Ronnie was yelling at him saying he didn't need to hear his shit. Doug Goodstein came in and said that Ronnie had just attacked Greg on the camera out there.
Ronnie had told Howard that there's a valve he has to turn under the hood to stop the anti-freeze from going to the back of the vehicle to get it heat.
She said that then she saw that Amy and Joey were being traipsed all over the place. Howard asked Ronnie how long it took him to get his tattoo picked out and put on his arm. Howard took a call from a guy who said that he knows why they have this petcock in there. He was doing an impression of that making a buzzing noise. Ronnie said that he does see a problem and the petcock was a solution to the problem.
Howard said you have to hear how desperate the guy is to be on TV. Ralph said that if he had a fleet of limos he'd probably have better luck with that. He said that it was to save money and Ronnie probably pocketed the money he saved. Howard asked her what's going on with the kids now that all of this stuff has gone down. The heat in my LIMO doesn't work.
He said he's on fire and apparently hurt by all of this stuff.
He was getting to his point that in his limo, he can't control the temperature.


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