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lunedì, novembre 20, 2006

Careers in US

TSM is the Swiss watch industry's active trade association, currently seeking administrative assistants/sales support representatives within US to work
from home, to contribute to the sales force and add convenience to our service dedicated to individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide.

This position focuses on the management of daily, weekly and monthly tasks and special projects pertaining to the sales support for sales in US.

Primary duties include:
- Assists the Sales Department in a support role performing special projects, data entry and other duties as assigned
- Maintains tracking spreadsheet for purchases and payments
- Provides general administrative support including drafting of correspondence, processing purchase orders and expense reports etc.
- Emails correspondence daily

Hours: You can work full time or part time. Your schedule can be flexible. For part time - you will need to spend on average 3 hours per day,

Salary: Base pay for part time is $1,200, plus 5% commission from each successfully completed transaction with a client.

Location: This is a work at home position. All communication will be online. During training/trial period assistance may be provided by phone.

Requirements: You need to have a PC, Internet access, Excel, and motivation.

Costs and Fees: There are NO costs at any time for our employees. All fees related to this employment are covered by the company.

Further Hiring Process: Please send your resume to: In your email please state if you are interested in a part-time or a
full-time position. After reviewing the submitted applications we respond to successful applicants only. We then offer the successful applicants a position
within our company on a trial period for one month. During this trial period you will be receiving training and online support while working and being
paid. At the completion of the trial period, the supervisor can recommend continued employment, extension of trial period, or termination. After the trial
period your base pay will increase.

Send any questions and your resume to

Thank You,
Sophie Bianca

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