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lunedì, settembre 18, 2006


The firstnight they heard him come howling into the yard, Cissy had toldValancy not to be afraid.
YouMUST use the scraper whether you consign it to perdition or not.
The up back girlswere pretty and prettily dressed.
Another circlet of them went round her hair,dressed in the low puffs that became her.
There was a dwindling grove of ragged, crone-like old sprucesbehind it.
Once Valancy asked himcoolly:What is the use of getting in a rage?
She knew much better than Valancywhat a party up back might be like if there should be liquor. He hadnt the least idea what she was up to, but hewas sure her motive was not commendable.
One could not keep on shakinga finger forever. You come with me to the dance, he ordered.
She had neversuspected that anybody liked or admired or wondered about her.
James Stirling willhimself pay for a good nurse to come here and wait on Miss Gay.
She sometimes suspected she had niceankles, but nobody had ever mentioned it before. Roaring Abel had expressed a desirethat day for a dinner of boiled salt codfish. Evidently John Foster says a sensible thing once in a while,conceded Barney.
Roaring Abel turned with his great broad laugh. She had once been afraid of this mansjudgment. Most of the people Valancy met looked ather seriously and passed her with a cool nod. Valancy proceeded to rinse her dishclothmeticulously.
She thought that perhaps she ought to be ashamedfor this, but she wasnt. The pursuithad taken a different direction and the whoops and yells behindthem were growing faint. So he had actually come up to look afterher.
Nobody called her Doss orworried her about catching cold. She felt so miserably undressed in its low neck andshort sleeves.
We wont have fine-lady airs here, my girl.
And of course theres somethingbehind it, but I KNOW it isnt disgrace. Nothing could be more commonplace and conventional. She thought that perhaps she ought to be ashamedfor this, but she wasnt. Cissy put her thin arms about Valancys neck.
He always brought Cissy fruit and flowers. Since then he had called several times, walking down through thebarrens, whistling.
I dont feel as if Id doneanything specially meritorious.

Pip Shafer


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