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lunedì, settembre 04, 2006

R & R resoundlingly

The first faint smile of the day showed onPorks grief-worn face.
Its the way your mother would have acted if shed lived. Nota single person had spoken to her that morning or given her onelook of sympathy. Why should Will advertise her already obvious pregnancy?
He was a fightin Irishman and a Southerngentleman and as loyal a Confederate as ever lived.
And after a pause, sheadded: I pass it on to you. Approve of Crackers marrying into old families?
They think they got justcause to say somethin.
Scarlett smiled uncertainly and pecked obediently at the witheredcheek presented to her.
It was foolish of you to stand in the hot sunwhen you might have fainted and had a miscarriage.
And we play along with lesserfolks and we take what we can get from them. And Scarlett had always found strength andcomfort in common sense.
Thats a debatable question, said Old Miss. Shes taking it for granted that I do mind, justlike her.
Other men cameout of the war with less than I had, and look at them now.
Only Carreen noticed the omission and looked uppuzzled, as he began the Lords Prayer. Grandmas husband, the Old Doctor, was not there. It was niceto know Grandma hadnt meant any of it. Itll probably be a verysuccessful marriage. Sadly she knew that promise must be kept ifAshley were to remain near her. What has happened to you since Ivebeen gone? And when the wind haspassed, it springs up almost as straight and strong as before. Just remember, Scarlett, as long as you dont hear that sound, folksarent actually dead to you.
Butthat weakness thats in our hearts can lick us in the time it takesto bat your eye. Yes, and he smiled again, the smile more wintry than before.
I should never havelet you leave Tara last winter. You will come to Atlanta and help me, wont you?
She did all domestic things badly and the gasses wereslopping over.
There, she broke off gently, dont you see? What doesclass matter now, so long as a girl gets a husband who can takecare of her?
No, I dont know, Im sure, she answered politely.


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