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giovedì, agosto 31, 2006

:), observation mine

These replicas have all the presence and poise of the originals after whome
they were designed at a fraction of the cost. The attention to detail is
paramount and they are comparable to the originals in every way.

+Replicated to the smallest detail
+98% A+ Accuracy
+Includes all Proper Markings
+Wide selection and fast worldwide shipping
+Authentic Weight
+True-to-original self winding and quartz mechanisms

We only sell premium watches, with 90% discount...

"We're from your Flock, Jonathan. We are your brothers." The words
A note on the plastic covers over the ports. These covers are made from the same plastic used to make soft drink caps - polyethylene. It's a strong, flexible material that will take a lot of abuse and I have no fear of the covers being torn off their connectors. I do, however, worry for the tiny teeth that hold the covers closed. Only time will tell if that's just an imaginary worry or not.

IBM ThinkPad T41 (1.6GHz Banias Pentium M) 2m 23s
Dell Inspiron 6000 (1.60GHz Alviso Pentium M) 1m 52s

What is not generally known to the readers of science fiction in

Lamar Courtney


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